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Thu Jun 13 16:03:41 EST 2002

 [ I'm not shure if this information is included in a Linux-NIS faq, if it
   isn't, could someone of the good folks on the NIS project add it to the
   faq? Thanks]

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Erik wrote:

> server and Solaris as a NIS client.  I too can ypcat, ypmatch, etc but
> cannot telnet to the Solaris box.  Did you ever resolve the problem?  Your

Yes, I did, and you're not the only one mailing me about this. It seems
that SunOS doesn't use a privileged port when doing a getpwnam(). As the
default setting for ypserv is to mangle password fields in passwd to get
shadow-like entries for regular users it means that you're unable to log

I added lines for our Sun boxen like this in /etc/ypserv.conf on the
server:   :       passwd.byname   : none   :       passwd.byuid    : none

# And this for everyone else:
*               :       passwd.byname   : port  : yes
*               :       passwd.byuid    : port  : yes

This gives shadow-like entries on all boxen, except the sun-box.

 ( Another approach would be to require people to use ssh-key
   authentication when logging on the Sun box. )

  Hope this helps ...

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