[jcifs] lmCompatibility and multiple hosts

Christian Ghisler support at ghisler.com
Mon Oct 22 08:20:55 MDT 2012


I'm using Jcifs in a free (and ad-free) file manager for Android.
So far it works great, except for some older Linux-based NAS
devices which require lmCompatibility=0, useExtendedSecurity=false.
The user has to check an option in the program to access the NAS:
"Older NAS compatibility (LMv1)".

The problem occurs when the user tries to access multiple servers
with different SMB versions:

1. First he connects to a Windows computer, with lmCompatibility=3,

2. Then he tries to connect to the NAS with lmCompatibility=0,

However, Jcifs seems to ignore these paramters after the initial
connection, so the connection to the NAS fails. The program must
be killed via a task manager and restarted to be able to connect
to the NAS.

So my question is: Is there any function to unload all cached
connections and/or reinitialize Jcifs without restarting the entire


Christian Ghisler

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