[jcifs] Refers to : Different client properties on the same JVM

Caldarale, Charles R Chuck.Caldarale at unisys.com
Fri Oct 21 17:59:22 MDT 2011

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> Subject: [jcifs] Refers to : Different client properties on the same JVM

> On a Windows workstation, when using the Explorer to connect to remote
> network shares, if one first connects to, say, \\somehost\someshare and
> provides a set of credentials (userid, password), then subsequently tries
> to connect to another share on the same host, say \\somehost\someothershare
> which requires other credentials, it always fails, apparently because
> "something" prevents one workstation to connect twice to the same host 
> using two different sets of credentials.

That "something" is just one of the many aspects of Microsoft's incompetent implementation of their own protocol.  I've personally spent many hours on the phone with development engineers in Redmond (not support people) trying to figure out just how to get Windows to drop cached credentials and use the ones supplied on the net use command line.  They finally admitted they didn't really know where all the places were that independently saved credentials - they gave up looking after finding three of them.  The issue was never resolved.

Proper client implementations (e.g., jCIFS, Samba, our proprietary one) do not suffer from the restriction of the Windows SMB client.  You can work around it a little bit by using alternate names or IP addresses for the host, since the Windows client tracks connections by symbolic name, not the resolved IP address.

 - Chuck

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