[jcifs] webdav / cifs server recommendations

André Warnier aw at ice-sa.com
Tue Aug 3 05:24:51 MDT 2010

Giampaolo Tomassoni wrote:
> If you are looking for a Java implementation of a webdav server, have a look
> at Apache Jackrabbit (http://jackrabbit.apache.org/).

The standard Tomcat distribution (up to 5.5.x) used to contain a DAV example application.
Don't know about 6.x and 7.x, but it should still be available somewhere.

  Note, however, that MS
> clients don't match nicely with webdav, as they often try instead to
> establish an SMB connection. This happens even when you clearly specify
> 'http://' in the URL to the shared folder...
But, in my experience, not if you also specify the port :

But there are plenty of other reasons why some MS clients do not work properly with DAV 
servers. To be more clear, it is kind of a mess, depending on OS versions, revisions, 
patches, DLL's installed, applications installed and whatnot.
Search Google for "Windows +dav" for an overview of the matter.
Most of these issues are solvable, but finding a workable solution for a range of 
uncontrolled workstations can be a challenge.

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