[jcifs] midlc status

Eric Glass eric.glass at gmail.com
Fri Nov 24 16:22:03 GMT 2006

Mike can speak to MIDLC status; for NDR the official spec is the
opengroup DCE/RPC documentation.

On 11/24/06, seas seas <seasmail at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> Would anybody so kind to tell me about midlc compiler status, please?
>    - Is it still supported? (I mean, somebody make evolutions, implement
>    better support of IDL).
>    - Are there any version fresher than 0.6.0? (I could only find in
>    jarapac download area).
>    - Are there anything like CVS or SVN (or something else) where the
>    latest development version is stored?
>    - I could play with the tool a little, and I could observe some
>    problems like Segmentation fault or the result java and c code is not
> valid.
>    - Where to post bugs? What is the process if I wish to solve these
>    problems myself?
> I am trying to implement MS-TNEF reader/writer with jarapac, I am not sure
> I'll succeed, but still trying.
> The only thing I am confused with, I couldn't find any conscious description
> of NDR or DCE/RPC formats.
> So, from all I could see - I treat NDR like something like XDR but without
> strict requirement of aligning to 4 bytes,
> can anybody support me somehow with all my questions?
> Regards,
> Andrey Sergievskiy

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