[jcifs] Only the first login is successful

Mike Bennett mkb137 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 22:41:38 GMT 2005

Using a plain jboss-3.2.7 server, I have a web app configured to use
NTLM login through jcifs.  Using jcifs-1.2.7.jar or jcifs-1.2.6.jar,
multiple users/browsers cannot log on to the server at the same time. 
The first login goes through correctly and the user can access the
app.  Any login thereafter (from a different machine, from a different
user, from the same user on the same computer but with a different
browser) fails with no error message just as if the user or password
were invalid.  I have not had this problem with jcifs-1.1.8.jar, which
I've been using for quite a while.  I was hoping to upgrade to take
advantage of some of the other fixes.

Is this a configuration problem or something else?  My web.xml section
is pretty plain :

    <filter-name>NTML HTTP Authentication Filter</filter-name>
    <filter-name>NTML HTTP Authentication Filter</filter-name>

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