[jcifs] Problem with NTLM HTTP filter, upgrading: 0.7.15 to 1.1.0

Parke Jeff Parke.Jeff at PBGC.GOV
Tue Oct 26 13:22:35 GMT 2004

Indeed 0.7.15 is capable in the exact same environment.  I can swap
between the two jar files (0.7.15 and 0.1.10) and make no other changes
and it will go between working and not working (this is with the web.xml
filter configuration set to use jcifs.http.domainController, I've also
tried the wins/domain/username/password config).   

Perhaps 0.7.15 has similar problems that just don't exhibit themselves
in the same way and so I don't know about it, but there are no errors,
no exceptions, no special log messages, if the domain server is down the
filter will fail, if it is up the filter will capture the domain
username of the remote host, etc.  

I'll try hitting the configuration remotely instead of from localhost
and see if that makes a difference.... I just checked, it works if I hit
the application from another machine, that is, client and server on two
different boxes.  I believe Windows/IE knows not to involve a proxy when
hitting against localhost so I don't think that this is the problem.
Any other ideas?


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Parke Jeff said:
> Mike,
> I'm using Oracle JDeveloper 10g ( with embedded OC4J app
> and IE 6 to hit against http://localhost:8988/spectrum/index.jsp.
> attached three files: HTTP headers (as reported by ieHTTPHeaders

Actually from your headers.txt file it looks like it's getting to
submitting the type-3-message with the password hashes. I think you
try a client not on the localhost. That might have something to do with
it. Then we varify with a capture that the type-3-message is actually
being accepted by the server. Then add a debugging statement to the
to see if the filter is getting the type-3-message. Another possability
that this OC4J server is not managing HTTP session attributes to spec.
you use OC4J with jcifs-0.7.15? You really need to verify that 0.7.15 is
truely capable in the same exact env.


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