[jcifs] Novell CIFS Server?

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Thu Nov 25 18:26:03 GMT 2004

Mike McDonald said:
> Hi List.  I'm wondering if anyone has experience using Davenport/jCIFS
> with Novell Netware as the CIFS server.  I've been doing some testing
> with Novell but haven't managed to find the secret recipe yet.  When
> using Microsoft Windows Explorer as the client, we are able to connect
> to the Novell shares, but when connecting via Davenport I get the
> following message:

The error message doesn't mean much to me. Is there an exception in the
servlet container log file? Otherwise we really need a packet capture [1]
of a) jcifs failing to communicate with netware and b) windows
(preferrably windows 2000/XP) successfully communicating with netware.

Also, you might try some of the example programs to see if they work ok
with the server.

Also, what versions of jcifs/davenport/netware are you using?


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