[jcifs] Novell CIFS Server?

Mike McDonald Mike.McDonald at anywaregroup.com
Wed Nov 24 18:16:32 GMT 2004

Hi List.  I'm wondering if anyone has experience using Davenport/jCIFS
with Novell Netware as the CIFS server.  I've been doing some testing
with Novell but haven't managed to find the secret recipe yet.  When
using Microsoft Windows Explorer as the client, we are able to connect
to the Novell shares, but when connecting via Davenport I get the
following message:


HTTP ERROR: 500 An+error+occured+sending+the+request%2E



I can reproduce the error on a Windows Server by stopping the 'Server'
service on the server in question (i.e. stop the CIFS server).  I must
be missing a configuration in Novell, or perhaps there is something
automatic in Windows...


Any thoughts?






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