[jcifs] jcifs/jarapac errors trying to get a policy_handle/SCmanager connection

Marcus Crafter crafterm at managesoft.com
Thu Nov 25 00:10:27 GMT 2004

Hi All,

Hope all is going well.

We've been doing some work with the jcifs/jarapac libraries, attempting 
to connect to get a policy_handle via the SC manager on two particular 
hosts, and are coming up with the following errors, different on each 

Received connection exception (Unable to find suitable provider for 

(this particular box is a windows 2000 server system)


Received connection exception (Timeout waiting for response from server:<00>/

(this is an XP system)

Interestingly, on a windows 2003 server system, it works as expected.

Essentially, we're attempting to install a service on these systems via 
the SC manager.

Any thoughts as to what these errors mean and where we might start 
looking for further information? Or perhaps what further information we 
could provide to help find out what might be going on?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.



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