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Mon Jun 14 17:11:07 GMT 2004

* eglass1 at comcast.net <eglass1 at comcast.net> [14/06/04 - 17:39]:

> Yes, Keith Brown is very good.  I've been meaning to pick up his other
> book, "Programming Windows Security":
>     http://www.develop.com/books/pws/
> It is an "under the hood"-style book from the Windows Security perspective
> (which is fairly rare; most are application-oriented and gloss over the
> dirty details).  The SSPI workbench utility he wrote is also very useful
> in getting your hands dirty with SSPI.

New Keith's book I mentionned earlier today on samba-technical@ is not
as complete as PWS but it is very comprehensive so I suggest buying both
of them :) :

http://www.pluralsight.com/books/pws/ (free sample chapters)

http://www.pluralsight.com/keith/book/ (whole book available online)

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