[jcifs] Signing is required by the server but passwords are external

Eric Glass eric.glass at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 23:55:08 GMT 2004

> Sounds like it's quite simply not working. Three-strikes-you're-out sounds
> like the account is getting locked out. Look at the lmCompatibility
> property maybe. Try enabling logging with a jcifs.util.loglevel
> init-param. Collect a packet trace [1]. Ask your network admins if the
> server supports NTLMv1. Etc....

This could just be client retries (IE will prompt for a retry three
times if the authentication fails, then it just gives up).

At this point, a packet capture run on the Tomcat server would be your
best bet; send it to Mike and/or myself directly and we can have a
look.  If you could repost the current version of your web.xml, I can
take a final look and make sure nothing seems wrong.


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