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Juliana juliana at relevanz.com
Wed Feb 18 03:57:31 GMT 2004


I have an issue regarding the retrival of user name from workstation. 
My main purpose is to use the user name to perform a check of whether the user is part of the Active Directory so that
a single signon can be performed to access the intranet system.

here is my scenerio:

logged on client                             application server
|                                                                            |
|-------------------------send request(url)------------------------> | (server activate servlet, get request host and 
|                                                                            | performs a CifsSessionManager.connectRemoteAdmin(sessionName, host)
| <----------------------connectRemoteAdmin()-----------------|
|                                                                            | 
| <-------------CifsRemoteAdmin.getWorkstationInfo()--- | 
| <-------------CifsRemoteAdmin.getUserName()-----------| (returns me an empty string here.)
|                                                                             | 

after which the server connects successfully to the client, i do a CifsRemoteAdmin.getWorkstationInfo() to retrieve the 
workstation information as well as the logged on username (by invoking the CifsWorkstationInfo.getUserName())

though i was able to get the logon domain and workstation name, the value returned to me after invoking the getUserName() is an empty string.

May I know if there are any walk around or other solution to this? or how can i get the logon username of the client anyway?
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