[jcifs] (no subject)

Eric eglass1 at comcast.net
Wed Feb 18 09:12:46 GMT 2004

This is the wrong JCIFS, apparently; a Google on CifsSessionManager 
turns up Norbert Hranitzky's package:


Not familiar with that really, but it looks like an option might be 
(our) NtlmHttpFilter; this provides NTLM authentication for servlets, 
and gives you the remote username in getRemoteUser().

It looks like the approach you're taking (currently) is:

1) Client makes an anonymous connection to the servlet.
2) Servlet connects back to the client.
3) Servlet performs RAP calls to get the workstation and user 
information from the client.

Again, I'm not familiar with the package so I can't give too much 
clarifying information.  It may be that the client workstation requires 
a specific privilege level to return the logged on username over RAP (a 
lot of the RAP calls require local admin on the target box).


Juliana wrote:
> Hi
> I have an issue regarding the retrival of user name from workstation.
> My main purpose is to use the user name to perform a check of whether 
> the user is part of the Active Directory so that
> a single signon can be performed to access the intranet system.
> here is my scenerio:
> logged on client                             application server
> |                                                                        
>     |
> |-------------------------send request(url)------------------------> | 
> (server activate servlet, get request host and
> |                                                                        
>     | performs a CifsSessionManager.connectRemoteAdmin(sessionName, host)
> | <----------------------connectRemoteAdmin()-----------------|
> |                                                                            
> |
> | <-------------CifsRemoteAdmin.getWorkstationInfo()--- |
> | <-------------CifsRemoteAdmin.getUserName()-----------| (returns me an 
> empty string here.)
> |                                                                     
>         |
> after which the server connects successfully to the client, i do a 
> CifsRemoteAdmin.getWorkstationInfo() to retrieve the
> workstation information as well as the logged on username (by invoking 
> the CifsWorkstationInfo.getUserName())
> though i was able to get the logon domain and workstation name, the 
> value returned to me after invoking the getUserName() is an empty string.
> May I know if there are any walk around or other solution to this? or 
> how can i get the logon username of the client anyway?

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