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Mike McDonald Mike.McDonald at
Tue Feb 10 15:53:47 GMT 2004

Just an FYI for anyone interested...

I made the following updates to Davenport as per Julian's suggestions:
- Removed Microsoft proprietary properties.
- Does not return unknown timestamps (0 value)
- Does not return unknown eTags.
- Does not return a content length (where the resource is a Share)

These changes allow the web folder to open properly in my XP client.  It was
in fact the getcontentlength property that 'broke' the client.

Once again, thanks for your help.


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Mike McDonald wrote:
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> It appears that I can likely fix this problem (as suggested by Julian) by
> returning bogus dates and returning 0 for the getcontentlength property.
> try that and will keep you posted.
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The best thing to do here for the WebDAV protocol handler is not to 
return values it doesn't have. This includes zero timestamps and content 
lengths and etags for collections as well.

I'd also recommend not to compute any of Microsoft's proprietary 
properties such as iscollection (see 
they aren't used anyway. Finally, returning DAV:displayname only makes 
sense if the displayname is really different from the last path segment. 
Don't return it unless this is the case.

Regards, Julian

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