[jcifs] Binary File Upload to Multiple Servers?

Naved Khan navedk at cybage.com
Fri Sep 5 16:57:18 EST 2003


I want upload binary files to multiple Win32 or Linux machines (servers).
The file transfer should support resume in case of breaks.
I want to use Java on Linux  (client). Would JCIFS be helpful in this case?
I briefly skimmed through the docs and I think its possible. If any body has
used jcifs in a similar scenario pls let me know.
A few features I want is:
  a.. File Transfer Resumption - To continue copying from a particular point
in the file, when failures occur.
  b.. Source File Completion Checking - To ensure that files do not get
copied (in the source location) that are still being written.
  c.. Source File Compression
  d.. Multiple Destination Directories - To transfer the same source file(s)
to multiple destinations.
  e.. Destination File Completion Renaming - To ensure files do not get
finalized until the copy has completed
  f.. Destination File Existence Checking - To check whether the file
already exists (in the destination location), and accordingly either do no
copy, and overwrite it (default).
I strictly want to use Java on Linux (client requirement).

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

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