[jcifs] WebSphere

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Thu Oct 23 05:00:13 EST 2003

> I had seen this intermittently awhile back as well, but never had it cause
> any operational issues (other than the annoying messages dumped to
> stderr).  If I recall, it seemed to be caused by a timeout; I never got it
> when activity was occurring on the connection, but would get it on a
> background thread a couple minutes after i.e. an HTTP authentication with
> the NTLM filter.  Could the dc be closing the connection due to lack of
> activity?  I'll see if I can reproduce it; if that's all it is, the
> easiest fix might just be to skip the log statement for SocketExceptions.

Were you using WebSphere? If so, why is this specific to WebSphere? It
would be nice if somepne could get a capture of that exception. We really
should look at this closer.


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