[jcifs] ssnLimit default value

pagu at pagu.at pagu at pagu.at
Wed Oct 22 23:26:20 EST 2003


we did a few investigations into the field of the ssnLimit Parameter and think the value is somewhat to low. 

the parameter was introduced to avoid the errsrv/90 exception when too many distinct users were authenticated over the same transport. when the error occured, we observed about 150 active http-sessions.

http-sessions are irrelevant for errsrv/90. because you can have 1000 active sessions with the same userid and no error will happen. we analysed the logfile and think the limit for errsrv/90 should be about 2500 individual users for the same transport (not tested). mysteriously, when setting the ssnLimit to 1000, the filter gets numerous smb timeouts (3 - 4 per hour), but no errsrv/90. 

now our ssnLimit is 500 and everything works fine.


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