[jcifs] The Windows Messenger Problem, Part 2

Sascha Teifke mailinglist at teifke.de
Sun Jun 22 08:09:05 EST 2003

Hello List,

ok, I did some studies in Java becaus it doesn't seem right to me to ask 
stupid questions about my Problem
without knowing any about Java. So I read a few books, did some Java 
Hacking and have written some
easier progs. But know I want to look right back to my former problem.

I want to send Data to the Windows Messenger Service.

There are two possibilities to send messages to the Messenger Service:
1) Writing to the Mailslot /MAILSLOT/messngr      ( JCIFS ? )
2) Using MS-RPC      ( remoteTea ? )

Here is my up to date Sourcecode for 1) but it doesn't work and I want 
to ask you for a pointer into the
right direction.

Thank you for your help ...


 * Send Data to the Windows Messenger Service
 * who resides at the Mailslot called messngr

import jcifs.smb.SmbNamedPipe;
import java.io.OutputStream;
import java.io.FileInputStream;

public class JNetSend {
    public static void main ( String[] args ) throws Exception {

        // My Hostname: macbeth

        // Read Input from File
        // It contains:
        // MACBETH\0MACBETH\0Test234\0\0
        // with no \n at end of line
        String filename = "d:/test.txt";
        FileInputStream fin = new FileInputStream ( filename );
        // provide 64kB
        byte[] b = new byte[65535];
        // Open the Mailslot to the Messenger Service
        SmbNamedPipe pipe = new SmbNamedPipe( 
                SmbNamedPipe.PIPE_TYPE_WRONLY );
        // Get the Output Handle
        OutputStream out = pipe.getNamedPipeOutputStream();
        // Read File's input into the provided Byte
        int n = fin.read ( b );
        // Show me how much it is
        System.out.println( "write " + n + " bytes" );
        // and write it ..
        out.write ( b, 0, n);
        // Close the Handles

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