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Dan Dumont ddumont at us.ibm.com
Thu Jul 31 08:04:08 EST 2003

In the examples directory, there is an example called ListFiles.java

In it, it shows how you can connect to a CIFS server via an address and 
list the contents of that CIFS server.

for more information on how to manipulate files using jcifs, read the 

this page may be of more specific use to you:

for information on how to construct an address properly, you can also look 
at the above link.

But do look through the examples directory contained in the zip file, 
available here:

It contains some very good examples of how to play with this package.

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Dear members:

i came across the jcifs just today. my understanding about jcifs is that 
can make a socket connection via NetBios protocol. this is exactly what i 
looking for but i dont know how to start with it. i have the jcifs.jar 
in my class path and is running fine.

what i am trying to do is to write a simple client program that connects 
a server running in NetBios protocol. is it possible to get a sample code 
for a server and a client so that i can understand whats goin on?

thanks a lot.


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