[jcifs] NtlmPasswordAuthentication class not serializable

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Wed Dec 31 00:27:42 GMT 2003

> I finally got back to this issue (almost 3 months later!)  Anyways, I made
> NtlmPasswordAuthentication implement Serializable and did some testing.  For
> our purposes, all we require after the initial authentication is that the
> object exists in the session and we can get a user name out of it, so the
> Serializable change was sufficient.  For problems with the hashes being
> invalid once the object has been serialized, is it possible to make them
> transient and reinitialize them if the object is serialized?  (i.e. check
> for null?)

I will look at this. I have a related issue with invalid password hashes after a
DFS referral so I'll think about this while I try to fix that.

> I don't fully understand the hashing issues, but this may be a
> solution for all users.
> We're using a hacked version of the jCIFS library now, but I hope we will
> see a version in the future with any session objects implementing
> Serializable.
> Thanks,
> Greg Taylor.
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>> I don't see any real issues in making the class serializable (although
>> semantically it really isn't).  It would get rid of the errors you're
>> seeing.  I'll do some testing, but it should be fairly harmless.
> All of this really depends on what will happen when the NPA is
> deserialized with incorrect password hashes. It really just needs to be
> tested.
> Greg,
> If you change NPA to implement Serializable what happends after a session
> is migrated?
> Mike
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