[jcifs] Some things about listing shares...

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Tue Nov 19 08:58:24 EST 2002

I'm playing with 0.7.0b8 (as I ought).

I aimed a share query at a node on a remote subnet, like so:

  $ java List smb://

...and got back an SmbAuthException.  Not surprising, but here's what I 

1) The NBT Session Request and the SMB NegProt both work fine.  The first 
   SessionSetupAndX, however, tries to log in as GUEST with a primary 
   domain of "?".  The response is an error message.  I get:

     Error Class: Server Error (0x02)
     Error Code:  Unknown SRV error (0x8bf)

   I've done as much digging as I can, and I can't figure out what that 
   error code might be.

2) jCIFS tries again, this time trying to log on as the 'anonymous' user.
   The login and tree connect succeed, but then the Windows box
   (OS=[Windows NT 4.0] Server=[NT LAN Manager 4.0]) returns an Access 
   Denied.  That accounts for the SmbAuthException.

3) The type of query that we are sending is not the same as the type of 
   query that an NT or W2K client sends when querying a W2K server (and 
   possibly others).  jCIFS uses the same transaction as smbclient, but 
   smbclient (and W98, in my tests) never see share names longer than 12 
   or 13 charcters.  It appears that there must be a newer transaction (or 
   RPC... I haven't checked), used by NT and beyond, that provides more 
   complete information.

Those are not necesarily related, but I'm digging into browsing now...

Anyone with a deeper understanding of this stuff, please comment.

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