[jcifs] problem with NbtAddress.getAllByAddress()

Christopher R.Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Tue May 14 05:33:59 EST 2002


Mike has already talked about the amount of information required to debug
a problem.  It seems that you are very sensitive about privacy, which I
can understand, but it is *very* difficult to debug problems without
enough information to do comparisons.

In the dump below, the only potential problem I see is that the B
(broadcast) bit is set, which is typically not the case for Node Status
queries.  On the other hand, I'm not sure that it makes any difference.  
I tested against a pair of W/95 boxes at home and did not have any
trouble.  I don't have W/XP to test against.

Are you sending this query to a broadcast address?  Have you tried sending
unicast queries using jCIFS?  If so, any difference?

I know you don't want to give out IP addresses, but that is a bit of a
problem too.  I can't see the IP header to know if you are sending to a
broadcast address.  This is really very confusing.

The other thing I would look for is a trace of the nbtstat exchange.  I
can't see any differences (other than the B bit) between the trace below
and what I would expect.  It would be worth-while to see what nbtstat
sends in order to see if there *are* any differences.

Chris -)-----

On Mon, May 13, 2002 at 11:48:34AM -0700, ashish wrote:
> Ok, here's sniffer output... when Node Status Request is send.
> And I don't see any reply for this request from the remote machine......
> UDP:  ----- UDP Header -----
> UDP:
> UDP:  Source port = 61764
> UDP:  Destination port = 137 (NBNS)
> UDP:  Length = 58
> UDP:  Checksum = 00EA
> UDP:
> NBT:  ----- Netbios Name Service Header -----
> NBT:
> NBT:  Type = Query Request
> NBT:  Status = Success
> NBT:  Transaction ID = 0x0004
> NBT:  Flags Summary = 0x0110
> NBT:     - Broadcast
> NBT:     - Recursion Desired
> NBT:  Question count = 1
> NBT:  Answer Count = 0
> NBT:  Name Service Count = 0
> NBT:  Additional Record Count = 0
> NBT:  Question Name = *..............[0]
> NBT:  Question Type = 0x0021
> NBT:  Question Class = 0x0001
> NBT:

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