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I think that it's clear that you and I are in full agreement on what
*should* happen.  Somehow the discussion got off track.  I don't actually
know what jCIFS does inside, just what is supposed to happen on the wire and
what I saw in the error message.

My confusion comes from the original error message reported.  Going back
to that...

> ashish wrote:
> HI,
> I have been getting this exception message for a windows XP machine.
> java.net.UnknownHostException: no name with type 0x00 with no scope for
> host
>         at jcifs.netbios.NbtAddress.getAllByAddress(NbtAddress.java:481)
>         at jcifs.netbios.NbtAddress.getAllByAddress(NbtAddress.java:437,
> Compiled Code)

Why would we ever get that?  

If jCIFS is doing a getAllByAddress() then it is probably sending a NODE
STATUS REQUEST.  That's how you would get 'all' names given the address.

My best guess, given the information that I had, was that the <machine><00>
name was being fed to getAllByAddress().  The wildcard name would not
generate the error above, as demonstrated by the fact that the "nbtstat -A
<ipaddr>" worked just fine.

That's why I asked Ashish for more information on what he's trying to do.

So, either getAllByAddress() is somehow being told to do the query using
<machine><00>, or it expects that at least one name in the returned list
will be of type <00>, and it's not finding that name.

...or, as you said, he's using an outdated jCIFS.

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