[jcifs] no name with type 0x00 with no scope for host

Allen, Michael B (RSCH) Michael_B_Allen at ml.com
Wed Feb 20 14:26:59 EST 2002

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> From:	ashish [SMTP:ashishn at ntechra.com]
> yep.. NbtAddress.ALL_HOSTS_NAME is used for query .
> so i guess jcifs is sending proper request in the PDU if thats is the only
> problem.
> Well, I have taken latest version of jcifs and it still same problem exists.
> so what exactly needs to be done...
	It's not clear what you're doing. You posted half of a stack trace and
	ALL_HOSTS_NAME is not public so you cannot be using that directly. Are
	you trying to do some kind of regular operation like list() or what? Can you
	post a minimal program that demonstrats the problem? I need more
	information. Does the XP machine use a "Scope ID"?


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