[jcifs] ServerEnum2 Problems on smb:// scan

Matthew Tippett matthew.tippett at sympatico.ca
Mon Dec 2 11:43:38 EST 2002

> The code does a 'new SmbFile("smb://")' and then a .listFiles().  So I 
> am sure that from an API level we are not passing anything different 
> between the two requests.
> 	Are the test machines under your control? Perhaps one is returning a garbage
> 	domain name or is set to use some strange character encoding? This doesn't sound
> 	like a platform dependant issue. It is more likely that a particular machine or a
> 	particular alignment of machines is triggering the issue. For example, if the
> 	NetServerEnum2 that lists all domains was decoding the domain names improperly
> 	it could be the source of the corrupted domain name. Basically you need to find out
> 	where that garbage domain name is coming from ultimately. Is it being returned by
> 	one of the test machines or is it an atrifact of a bug in jCIFS?

The configuration was a Linux system crossover connected to the WinME 
box.  Vanilla install of ME.  My guess is that it there is a decode 
getting done improperly.

I agree, that I will need to dig deeper and make it fully repeatable and 

>>The code change that we did do was start closing properly all 
>>connections when we would open.  The problem doesn't happen anymore :(
> 	That's a costly bandaid. Nothing more. I advise that you track down the real source
> 	of the problem.

I have made it clear that since it has gone away, it is still a latent 
problem that may come back at a later date.  If the business side of 
things don't consider it high enough a risk then I will be working on 
other parts of our product.


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