[distcc] distcc-pump and dmucs

jhanley at dgtlrift.com jhanley at dgtlrift.com
Fri Aug 29 12:40:37 GMT 2008

I've already patched dmucs to return the addition of ,cpp - but  
haven't read up yet on what ,lzo does. The load balencing feature is  
really what I was interested in such that multiple users can use the  
pool of machines to run a threaded make and minimize the overlapping  
of concurrent compiles on the same machines.   Does lsdistcc "check  
out & in" machines, so that another user doesn't get it assigned from  
the pool?  Is there interest to consolidate this functionality from  
dmucs into distcc?

Quoting Fergus Henderson <fergus at google.com>:

> On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 8:52 AM, <jhanley at dgtlrift.com> wrote:
>> How do I use dmucs with distcc-pump, or does it even make any sense?
> I've never used dmucs, nor looked at it source code.
> But going from the description on the dmucs web site, that would probably
> require a small patch to dmucs, I would guess,
> so that it appends the ",cpp,lzo" options after the host names in
>   Is there something built into distcc-pump that will accomplish the same
>> thing?  I saw that there is a distccls - is this meant as a replacement to
>> dmucs?
> I assume you mean "lsdistcc", not "distccls".  lsdistcc provides some put
> not all of the same functionality as dmucs.
> lsdistcc will detect which distcc servers are up at the start of a build,
> and will use only those servers.
> But it doesn't do any load balancing like dmucs does.
> lsdistcc is intended to be invoked at the start of a build. In pump mode,
> this will be done automatically by the pump script, if you set
> --
> Fergus Henderson <fergus at google.com>

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