[distcc] distcc-pump and dmucs

ibaker at mail.cern.ch ibaker at mail.cern.ch
Fri Aug 29 13:33:18 GMT 2008

On Fri, 29 Aug 2008, jhanley at dgtlrift.com wrote:

> I've already patched dmucs to return the addition of ,cpp - but haven't read 
> up yet on what ,lzo does. The load balencing feature is really what I was 
> interested in such that multiple users can use the pool of machines to run a 
> threaded make and minimize the overlapping of concurrent compiles on the same 
> machines.   Does lsdistcc "check out & in" machines, so that another user 
> doesn't get it assigned from the pool?

I'm not an authority on lsdistcc, but having looked briefly at it's source 
I'm pretty sure it doesn't support the "check in/check out" functionality 
you mention.  It simply queries DNS and extracts potential compile hosts 
that adhere to a specified naming format and whether they are 
listening on the right port.  Load balancing in distcc is 
achieved by randomisation over the host list.

>Is there interest to consolidate this functionality from dmucs into distcc?

Yes, at least for us here at CERN!  I'm currently working as a technical 
intern looking, amongst other things, at load balancing and node 
protection in distcc.


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