[distcc] distcc 3.0 release candidate 3

Bart Friederichs bf at tbwb.nl
Fri Aug 1 07:02:14 GMT 2008

Fergus Henderson wrote:
> I would greatly appreciate any feedback on this release candidate!
> The sooner I get some feedback, the sooner we can make the 3.0 release.
The error messages could be a little more descriptive:

distcc[9860] (dcc_pump_readwrite) ERROR: failed to read 1504 bytes: Is a

No idea what is a directory. Hard to find the error then ...

distcc[9745] (dcc_r_result_header) ERROR: server provided no answer. Is
the server configured to allow access from your IP address? Does the
server have the compiler installed? Is the server configured to access
the compiler?

What server?

The last one you can find a warning with the same number (9745) telling
you where it went wrong, though.


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