[distcc] distcc, cross-compilers & packages that ignore CC/CXX... what's the _right_ way?

Stuart Longland redhatter at gentoo.org
Tue Jan 24 03:51:45 GMT 2006

Dan Kegel wrote:
> On 1/23/06, Andrew Gaffney <agaffney at gentoo.org> wrote:
>>>Fix the broken packages and send the fixes upstream.
>>>That's what I do.
>>And for dead, slow, incompetent, or otherwise uncooperative upstreams? I don't
>>think that's what he had in mind.
> I still try to fix 'em right and make the patches available.

Yeah... while this should be the ultimate solution, sometimes this isn't
practical.  Maintaining a patch against the build system because a
hostile upstream doesn't want to include it is no fun.

It also doesn't work for 3rd party packages, which is why I'm looking
for another solution.

But yes, I see your point. :-)

> I know what you mean, though.  Python, for instance,
> is incredibly difficult to cross-compile, partly because
> they ditched autoconf and replaced it with a setup script
> written in Python that had to be executed by the same Python
> you're trying to build.   That knot took me a month to unsnarl.
> Fortunately, Guido works near me, I think I can shame him
> into fixing that...

Ouch... chicken-and-egg problem anyone?  That's something that
definately should be looked at.  (but not relevant to distcc ;-)
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