[distcc] Distributed compiling

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Thu Jan 19 23:35:26 GMT 2006

On 19 Jan 2006, Patrik Olesen <patrik at famolesen.com> wrote:
> Could it not be enough to just use nice?

Just nicing the server process may well be enough, depending on your
situation.  If it works, that's great.

However, some C++ compile jobs can use hundreds of megabytes of RAM.  If
a small-medium workstation is trying to build a couple of these it can
cause other jobs to be pushed out of memory, which might disturb an
interactive user.

In my experience it's not so bad -- just a bit of disk IO and a pleasant
feeling that you're helping your colleagues.  If you are just editing
source when the jobs hit then it has very little impact.  But I can
imagine for some users who have more or larger jobs, or run
memory-intensive local work it would be annoying.

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