[distcc] DistCC on Cygwin with FreeBSD Target?

Scott Spare scuppers at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 13:55:34 GMT 2006

I wondered whether anyone has had luck running a DistCC server on Cygwin
with FreeBSD as a client / target.
I tried this, and it failed spectacularly - with errors about libraries...

I would like to add some documentation to the FreeBSD port of DistCC on how
to get it working with FreeBSD as a target...  the BSd's seem to handle
lib*.so differently and I'd like to pass these targets correctly to the

If anyone out there is a developer (or knows the guts) and would like to
collaborate on getting the right docs together and adding them to the port,
I can donate time for the writing.

Mainly I am a tech writer and freebsd enthusiast who wants to see it work,
but I will contribute what I can if someone steers me in the right
direction... :-)

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