[distcc] benchmark gimp-1.2.3

Dongmin Zhang zhangdm at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 01:38:01 GMT 2005


I was trying to run benchmark gimp-1.2.3 with -j8, and I got this error
message, when it builds libgimpi.a

ar cru libgimpi.a gimpenv.o gimpchainbutton.o gimpcolorbutton.o
gimpcolorspace.o gimpdialog.o gimpfileselection.o gimphelpui.o gimpmatrix.o
gimppatheditor.o gimppixmap.o gimpprotocol.o gimpquerybox.o gimpsignal.o
gimpsizeentry.o gimpunitmenu.o gimputils.o gimpvector.o gimpwidgets.o
gimpwire.o gimpparasite.o gimpparasiteio.o
ar: gimppixmap.o: No such file or directory
make[2]: *** [libgimpi.a] Error 1

It works with -j1, it seems there is some dependency problem. I am wondering
if anyone has an easy fix?

Thanks a lot,

Dongmin Zhang
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