[distcc] Re: benchmark gimp-1.2.3

Dongmin Zhang zhangdm at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 21:02:30 GMT 2005

Sorry, my question might not be very clear. To make my question more clear,
I use the following command to run gimp-1.2.3

./benchmark.py --compiler="dist,8" gimp


On 12/21/05, Dongmin Zhang <zhangdm at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I was trying to run benchmark gimp-1.2.3 with -j8, and I got this error
> message, when it builds libgimpi.a
> ar cru libgimpi.a gimpenv.o gimpchainbutton.o gimpcolorbutton.o
> gimpcolorspace.o gimpdialog.o gimpfileselection.o gimphelpui.o
> gimpmatrix.o gimppatheditor.o gimppixmap.o gimpprotocol.o gimpquerybox.o
> gimpsignal.o gimpsizeentry.o gimpunitmenu.o gimputils.o gimpvector.o
> gimpwidgets.o gimpwire.o gimpparasite.o gimpparasiteio.o
> ar: gimppixmap.o: No such file or directory
> make[2]: *** [libgimpi.a] Error 1
> It works with -j1, it seems there is some dependency problem. I am
> wondering if anyone has an easy fix?
> Thanks a lot,
> Dongmin Zhang

Dongmin Zhang
Compute Science Department,
Texas A&M University
Office: 514F HRBB
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