[distcc] RE: precompiled headers and g++ -E

Greg Szeszko (TT) Greg.Szeszko at tradingtechnologies.com
Thu Sep 8 19:42:53 GMT 2005

Thanks.  This option must be new in GCC4.x.  I am using 3.4.3 and it
doesn't know anything about -fpch-preprocess.  Is there anything in
3.4.3 that can be used to achieve the same goal?

Besides, even if the the option work, the preprocessor will include in
the output file a #pragma causing the compiler to ask for the pch file
during compilation.  With distcc in the picture, this will happen on the
remote machine.  The pch file doesn't exist there.  So wouldn't I be
correct in expecting the compilation to fail at that point?


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