[distcc] precompiled headers and g++ -E

Greg Szeszko (TT) Greg.Szeszko at tradingtechnologies.com
Thu Sep 8 19:36:27 GMT 2005

Thanks.  This option must be new in GCC4.x.  I am using 3.4.3 and it
doesn't know anything about -fpch-preprocess.  Is there anything in
3.4.3 that can be used to achieve the same goal?


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Greg Szeszko (TT) wrote:
> It appears that the -E option of g++ prevents use of precompiled
> (pch).  The result is a preprocessed file, but correct .h.gch files
> not pulled in.  This is a problem when g++ and pch are used by distcc.

> Before distcc sends a job to a remote machine, it preprocesses it on
> local machine by running g++ -E...  This has the effect of not using 
> .h.gch files which in turn makes the remote compilations take much
> time.
> Is there a way to tell g++ to use precompiled headers even if the -E 
> options is specified?

Look at the option -fpch-preprocess described here:

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