[distcc] RE: precompiled headers and g++ -E

Daniel Kegel dank at kegel.com
Thu Sep 8 19:50:12 GMT 2005

Greg Szeszko (TT) wrote:
> Thanks.  This option must be new in GCC4.x.  I am using 3.4.3 and it
> doesn't know anything about -fpch-preprocess.  Is there anything in
> 3.4.3 that can be used to achieve the same goal?

No.   And gcc-3.4 doesn't support PCH anyway, so you
shouldn't be using it there, really.  It was just a
technology preview.

> Besides, even if the the option work, the preprocessor will include in
> the output file a #pragma causing the compiler to ask for the pch file
> during compilation.  With distcc in the picture, this will happen on the
> remote machine.  The pch file doesn't exist there.  So wouldn't I be
> correct in expecting the compilation to fail at that point?

I wouldn't know - I haven't played with it yet!

If you're using the standard pch file(s) that come(s) with gcc,
that should be there.  Anything else might be an interesting challenge.
- Dan

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