[distcc] distcc zeroconf patch issues

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Thu Aug 4 12:54:13 GMT 2005

On  3 Aug 2005, Nathan Caldwell <saintdev at gmail.com> wrote:
> I was testing out the distcc zeroconf patch that's in cvs here:
> http://archzoom.sourcecontrol.net/archzoom.cgi/mbp@sourcefrog.net--2004/distcc--devel--2--patch-158/patches/howl-mdns.diff?diff=2
> My problem is that distccd doesn't seem to compile with howl support.
> The client seems to be fine and lists both the --show-hosts, and -j
> options in the help, and both appear to work.
> The server (distccd), however doesn't seem to get howl enabled when
> it's compiled. The --zeroconf switch that is enabled when HAVE_HOWL is
> defined is not shown in the usage, and 'distccd --zeroconf' returns:
> distccd: ERROR: --zeroconf: unknown option

I don't know off hand what's causing this.  The patch may be out of
date.  If you can figure out the problem and let us know that would be
great, because I'd like to merge zeroconf support when I get time to do
a new release.


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