[distcc] distcc times out in mid-build

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Fri Jun 3 20:44:33 GMT 2005

On  3 Jun 2005, Jeremy Glazman <JGlazman at itsgames.com> wrote:

You need to set DISTCC_VERBOSE=1 in the environment of the client
compiler.  You only quote trace output for the monitor, which is not
really useful.
>    What is happening in that final step? What exactly does 'dcc_mon_kill_old'
>    signify?  Any ideas what could be causing this timeout are much
>    appreciated. I'll keep testing my makefile in the meantime, assuming that
>    the problem is in there somewhere...

It just means that the monitor assumed the compiler was hung or stuck;
it's not the root cause.


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