[distcc] distcc times out in mid-build

Jeremy Glazman JGlazman at itsgames.com
Fri Jun 3 16:43:28 GMT 2005

In the middle of my build, distcc suddenly hangs on a single file (not
always the same).  It doesn't matter if the file is being compiled locally
or not, and the machine doing the compiling will only be at about 10% CPU
usage mostly from cc1plus.
distccmon-text tells me the file is compiling, over and over and over, with
all other activity ceasing. Finally after a minute or so, distccmon-text
goes totally blank. Eventually the build will time out and tell me: "Timed
out waiting for data from remote." (if building remotely) or it will simply
fail if local.
If I set DISTCC_VERBOSE=1 and log to a file, I am told this is happening:
distccmon-text[520] (dcc_mon_do_file) process //.distcc/state/binstate_11052
(repeated about 100 times in a row)
distccmon-text[520] (dcc_mon_kill_old) unlink //.distcc/state/binstate_11052
What is happening in that final step? What exactly does 'dcc_mon_kill_old'
signify?  Any ideas what could be causing this timeout are much appreciated.
I'll keep testing my makefile in the meantime, assuming that the problem is
in there somewhere...
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