[distcc] make -j N sometimes fails after a few minutes with distcc

Grigorio V. Moshkin grigorio at garant.ru
Mon May 30 06:51:16 GMT 2005

Thank you Jean!

I supposed something similar but was not sure.
My makefile is generated from MPC/MWC project


and does not contain all the dependencies, you're right. Also, some 
source *.cpp files did contain few errors to that moment. So, make may 

The only I supposed else is make MUST wait for all the jobs to finish, 
prior to exit itself.
But the parent make process exits while childs go on (distributed) 
compilation. And I see make log file, whitout an error, while error 
actually occurs in childs, but I DO NOT see compilation diagnostics from 

As the conclusion, you see, I do not know how to adjust make/distcc to 
be USEFUL for distributed compilation with possible compile errors in 
*.cpp files. I want to see all the compiler errors (from all distributed 
agents), not make confuse, inspired by these ones.
Do you know how to reach it?

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