[distcc] make -j N sometimes fails after a few minutes with distcc

Grigorio V. Moshkin grigorio at garant.ru
Fri May 27 12:47:59 GMT 2005


I use distcc 2.18.3 on my Linux box as coordinator and distccd running 
on 4 Cygwin boxes as servers.

Sometimes all work well. But sometimes my command

$ make -j 8 CC = "distcc ..." CXX="distcc ..." > out.log 2>&1

fails after minutes of distributed compilation with log message:

cp: could not stat for `/home/grigorio/.../libGslServerManagerS.so': No 
such file or directory
and etc.

Note, distributed compilation goes on actually! I see it via 
distccmon-text. Also I see the number of object files *.o actually 
increases! But compilation stops soon. And if I restart make, 
compilation starts well-formed for a few minutes... And all things above 
do repeat!

What's the matter with my make/distcc?

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