[distcc] win32 cygwin compilation for linux

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Thu Aug 12 02:06:03 GMT 2004

On 11 Aug 2004, Andrew Sasak <sasakand at msu.edu> wrote:
> I am new to installing and maintaining Linux. I am going to tinker with an
> old 200 MHz Pentium and plan to install gentoo on it. I see that distcc
> works with cygwin. Is it possible, stable, and wise to use distcc on cygwin
> on a windows machine to help compile packages for my Linux machine. I tried
> searching this newsgroup and it seems possible because I read about an
> effort build a standalone discc system for windows. Is there anywhere that I
> can read about how to set up what I want to do?

(kind of off-topic)

If you're really new to Linux then you may find cross-building Gentoo
on a slow machine a difficult place to begin...  RedHat or Mandrake
gives you an easier introduction.

If you do want to do it, then have a look at the cygwin cross-build
information on the Gentoo forums and Dan's crosstool.  I'm sure you
will learn a lot. :-)

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