[distcc] distcc and aCC on HP-UX 11.11

Michael Orlov michael.orlov at amdocs.com
Sun Aug 15 10:53:36 GMT 2004

I'm trying to compile ACE wrappers on HP-UX 11.11 with distcc  2.17 .
I'm using the masquerading for the aCC compiler.
But I got the strange issue: all the *.o files that I get from the
remote machines are with 0 size....
The distccd running with the --verbose flag, so I can see that the file
is in 0 size also is after compilation on the remote machine.
This is a cut from the distccd log:
distccd[3323] got DOTI00018000
distccd[3323] received 98304 bytes to file /tmp/distccd_d0ae229b.ii
distccd[3323] 98304 bytes received in 0.042448s, rate 2262kB/s
distccd[3323] changed input from "SOCK_Acceptor.cpp" to
distccd[3323] command after: aCC -AA -v +W930 +W302 +DA2.0W +DS2.0W -g
-c +Z -o .shobj/SOCK_Acceptor.o /tmp/distccd_d0ae229b.ii
distccd[3323] changed output from ".shobj/SOCK_Acceptor.o" to
distccd[3323] command after: aCC -AA -v +W930 +W302 +DA2.0W +DS2.0W -g
-c +Z -o /tmp/distccd_ea53229b.o /tmp/distccd_d0ae229b.ii
distccd[3323] Warning: aCC on distccd's path is
/usr/local/lib/distcc/bin/aCC and really a link to ../../../bin/distcc
distccd[3323] turned on timeout for 240s
distccd[3323] forking to execute: aCC -AA -v +W930 +W302 +DA2.0W +DS2.0W
-g -c +Z -o /tmp/distccd_ea53229b.o /tmp/distccd_d0ae229b.ii
distccd[3323] child started as pid3421
distccd[3421] setting safeguard: _DISTCC_SAFEGUARD=1
distccd[3323] cc child 3421 terminated with status 0
distccd[3323] cc times: user 0.000000s, system 0.000000s, 0 minflt, 0
distccd[3323] send DONE00000001
distccd[3323] send STAT00000000
distccd[3323] send 119 byte file /tmp/distcc_c4d9229b.stderr with token
distccd[3323] send SERR00000077
distccd[3323] send 0 byte file /tmp/distcc_d9b4229b.stdout with token
distccd[3323] send SOUT00000000
distccd[3323] send 0 byte file /tmp/distccd_ea53229b.o with token DOTO
distccd[3323] send DOTO00000000
distccd[3323] aCC SOCK_Acceptor.cpp on localhost completed ok
distccd[3323] job complete
distccd[3323] deleted 4 temporary files

Anybody have any suggestions?


Michael Orlov
System Unix Team
Amdocs (Israel) LTD
Tel: +972-9-7762963
Mail: michael.orlov at amdocs.com

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