[distcc] Re: more intelligent handling of local jobs

James Ahlborn james.ahlborn at med.ge.com
Fri Aug 6 14:01:57 GMT 2004

> Martin Pool <mbp <at> sourcefrog.net> writes:

> distcc should already use its lock files to limit the number of jobs
> run on localhost.  This only applies when the linker is invoked via
> distcc though.  If it's run just as "ld" then there's nothing distcc
> can do.  In this case you can use make's -l option.

Ah ha!  therein lies the issues.  distcc wasn't being used for the link jobs. 
changed that, and now things are much happier!  thanks.  for some reason i
didn't think distcc limited local jobs at all currently, so i didn't think to
look at the actual link command.

thanks again.
ps-great application!

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