[distcc] more intelligent handling of local jobs

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Fri Aug 6 00:36:55 GMT 2004

On  5 Aug 2004, James Ahlborn <james.ahlborn at med.ge.com> wrote:
> hey,
> has anyone contemplated changing how distcc handles local jobs?  basically, i'm
> running my compiles now at about -j8.  this works great for all the compilation,
> but absolutely dies when i get to linking (when there is more than one link
> job), because suddenly multiple link jobs are being run on my local box, and
> things slow down to a crawl.  just wondering if distcc could instead serialize
> certain types of local jobs which could be very resource intensive, such as
> linking.  thoughts?

distcc should already use its lock files to limit the number of jobs
run on localhost.  This only applies when the linker is invoked via
distcc though.  If it's run just as "ld" then there's nothing distcc
can do.  In this case you can use make's -l option.


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