[distcc] Help!Distcc doesn't distribute jobs and uses only the first host!

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Thu Jul 22 13:59:27 GMT 2004

On 22 Jul 2004, wilson Guo <wilson.guo at sun.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>     Recently I was resposible for the distribute build of StarOffice.
> I've installed distcc on two PCs and try to build one modular of
> StarOffice.But, it happened that the distcc used only the first host in
> the list and I knew that I had to use -j option to let distcc send the
> job to other hosts.But here is the question,the whole staroffice project
> doesn't use make, it use dmake! And dmake doesn't have a -j option!!!
>    Now I want to revise the source code and let -j option (distribute
> compiling) as default!Anybody who knows how to revise,please help
> me!Here comes my questions I want to know:
>    1.who sends the job to other hosts,make or distcc?

make (or scons or jam or whatever) is responsible for invoking several
compiler tasks in parallel, constrained by the dependency graph.

distcc is responsible for choosing a host and sending the job across.

>    2.What is the difference of make's process between using the -j
> option and normal(not using -j)

I'm not sure I understand this question.  -j means that more than one
command will be run at a time.

>    3.if it is the distcc that distribute the job,how can I change distcc
> so that it can run -j (or distribute compile) as default?

distcc can't control this.  You need to make your build tool run more
than one thing in parallel.

If Sun dmake can't do parallel builds, then you probably need to
switch to using GNU make.  Depending on the makefiles this may or may
not be too hard.

Another option might be to do parallelism at a higher level.  If you
have several libraries that can be built independently you can just
kick them off with separate dmake processes.

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