[distcc] Help!Distcc doesn't distribute jobs and uses only the first host!

Hamish Greig hgreig at bigpond.net.au
Fri Jul 23 07:27:28 GMT 2004

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On Thu, 22 Jul 2004 19:02, wilson Guo wrote:
> Hi,
>     Recently I was resposible for the distribute build of StarOffice.
> I've installed distcc on two PCs and try to build one modular of
> StarOffice.But, it happened that the distcc used only the first host in
> the list and I knew that I had to use -j option to let distcc send the
> job to other hosts.But here is the question,the whole staroffice project
> doesn't use make, it use dmake! And dmake doesn't have a -j option!!!
>    Now I want to revise the source code and let -j option (distribute
> compiling) as default!Anybody who knows how to revise,please help
> me!Here comes my questions I want to know:
>    1.who sends the job to other hosts,make or distcc?
>    2.What is the difference of make's process between using the -j
> option and normal(not using -j)
>    3.if it is the distcc that distribute the job,how can I change distcc
> so that it can run -j (or distribute compile) as default?
>    Any answer is welcome.
>                                              wilson guo

sorry wilson, I used the wrong reply button yesterday, I am sending to the 
distcc list now for archive reasons only.

dmake uses the MAXPROCESS environment variable I think, you will find out more
from the man page. I don't think the openoffice sources have the dmake man
page included, but google will find it for you.

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