[distcc] Help!Distcc doesn't distribute jobs and uses only the first host!

wilson Guo wilson.guo at sun.com
Thu Jul 22 09:02:45 GMT 2004

    Recently I was resposible for the distribute build of StarOffice.
I've installed distcc on two PCs and try to build one modular of
StarOffice.But, it happened that the distcc used only the first host in
the list and I knew that I had to use -j option to let distcc send the
job to other hosts.But here is the question,the whole staroffice project
doesn't use make, it use dmake! And dmake doesn't have a -j option!!!
   Now I want to revise the source code and let -j option (distribute
compiling) as default!Anybody who knows how to revise,please help
me!Here comes my questions I want to know:
   1.who sends the job to other hosts,make or distcc?
   2.What is the difference of make's process between using the -j
option and normal(not using -j)
   3.if it is the distcc that distribute the job,how can I change distcc
so that it can run -j (or distribute compile) as default?

   Any answer is welcome.

                                             wilson guo

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