[distcc] distcc and cl.exe (MS Visual compiler)

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Fri Jun 11 15:27:02 GMT 2004

Frederic Paolucci wrote:
> In my previous post in this newsgroup, I failed to compile a project for
> Trimedia processor using tmcc.exe compiler.
> I would really appreciate to see distcc working under my PC... Then I tried
> to compile another big project under Windows (using cygwin) that was using
> cl.exe.
> Unfortunately cl.exe does not support the -c and -o options (it uses /Fo
> instead of -o and it returns an error when using -c).
> Is there a way to make distcc work with cl.exe? IMHO, distcc seems to be too
> much "gcc-centric" and the only way to make distcc work with specific
> compilers (cl.exe or tmcc.exe) is to modify source code
> (dcc_scan_args()...).

You could write a wrapper script or program for cl.exe
that take the -o option and turn it into what cl.exe wants.  That might
be easiest.

By the way, the problem with tmcc.exe might not be how it treats -c;
the first thing that distcc does is run the compiler with -E, and
that's what seems to be screwed up, maybe.  Try running distcc in a
more verbose mode to see what commands it's actually issuing.
- Dan

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